(No committee work is involved at the Precinct Convention.)


The Precinct convention is an event which takes place immediately after the voting in the party primaries. For example the 2004 Primary took place on Tuesday March 9, 2004. The Precinct Conventions met in the Polling Place immediately afterward (allowing a few minutes for the Election Judges to complete their work.) The Precinct Chairperson is the Chairperson. The Chairperson can appoint a Secretary and a Parliamentarian.

It is extremely important that you retain control of the Convention. You do this by getting the commitment of your best highest quality Precinct residents to attend. You typically should have at least ten, and the more the better.

Each attendee is checked to be sure they are registered voters. The agenda is furnished by the County Party. The duties involve the following:

1)            Appointing delegates to the County Convention according to the rules supplied by the County Party. Then alternates are appointed.

2)            Receiving resolution proposals for consideration at the County Convention.

3)            Complete the Convention report and turn it in to Party Headquarters.

As you can see, it is at the humble Precinct Convention that the direction of the entire party occurs. If you have losers as delegates and immoral resolutions proposed. The nation is injured! This is why your involvement is so crucial!

Once the delegates and resolutions are debated and approved, the Convention business is permanently finished. Interestingly , the County Convention follows much the same pattern so with the State and National Conventions.