Are you highly motivated?  Are you an achiever?  Are you good in personal relationships?  Are you disgusted with the permissiveness of our society?  Are you tired of Government waste?  Do you want to affect government at EVERY level?  Do you want to have access to City Councilpersons, Commissioners, Representatives, Judges, Senators and more so that you can voice your position on regulations and legislation?  All these are possible in the position of Precinct Chair.  Yet hardly anyone understands the desirability of the position.  Hardly anyone even knows the position exists!


Is it any wonder this country is headed downhill with who is currently at the controls?  Who?  Do you know your County party Chairperson?  Are you a Member of the party?


Warning!  If you rush to make wholesale changes before you digest this website you will not be welcome in the party!  Go easy!