Christian Coalition  Toward the primaries, offers information on running for Precinct Chairman and running the Precinct Convention.  Mostly through local or state chapters. 


AltaVista Search Engine  Search here for “Precinct Chair” (1017 results), “Precinct Chairman” (895 results), “Precinct Convention” (330 links) and related links.  Remember all parties will be represented in these searches.


Texas Republican Party Rules  Here are the rules by which, for example, the Republican Party in Texas is governed.  Call your state Republican Party for it’s rules.


Political Issues  One person’s conservative take on the issues – use as a springboard – enter each as a search term:

·      Part I: Defense & Security, Armed Forces Restoration (Ether Zone, 07/05/99)

·      Part II: Cut Taxes, Tax Reform (Ether Zone, 08/01/99)

·      Part III: Economic Sanity (Ether Zone, 09/01/99)

·      Part IV: Campaign Finance, Education (Ether Zone, 11/01/99)

·      Part V: Social Security & Medicare (Ether Zone, 01/21/00)


Typical County Republican Party  Shows a range of ways to get involved in the political process.


Healing the Culture - Defining Happiness  The astounding story of how to achieve ultimate meaning.


On-the-Ball Precinct Chairman’s Home Page  Here is a very good Home Page for a Precinct Chairman.


How to do it  As seen from a Democrat’s Point of View – but it is accurate.