Whether you are a Block Captain waiting to win the vote against the incumbent Precinct Chairman at election time or an appointed Precinct Chair you have the same duties:


1)            Get the Voter List from Party HQ for your Precinct.

2)            Visit everyone in the Precinct who is on the list (or assigned blocks if only a Block Captain) and make yourself known.

3)            Ascertain their views on critical issues such as abortion, Internet Filtering, Medicare, Prescription Drugs, School Vouchers, religion, liberal judges, fiscal attitude, etc.  Build a database of neighbors who are conservative, Godly and who seek after traditional values.

4)            Start to meet all those NOT on the voter list to determine who the Democrats and Independents are.

5)            Add these to your database with notes.  Try to define the Independents as to the issues.  They might be amenable to voting conservatively in the right circumstances.

6)            Stay in touch with all those who you have identified as with you on the crucial issues.  You will want to phone them on behalf of the best (in your view) candidates to get out the vote.

7)            Appoint Block Captains of your own if you are already Precinct Chairman.

8)            Be prepared to walk the Precinct with the candidates toward election time.

9)            Attend all party meetings (around four a year plus more around election time).  This is where you get to influence the candidates as well as listen to their positions.

10)     Relay the candidate’s stands to your priority database.

11)     As the Party Primary season arrives (every two years) be prepared to be an Election Judge.  Be sure the Board of Elections knows you wish to do this.

12)     Learn the protocol for holding the Precinct Convention.  You could end up Chairing the Convention even though you are NOT the Precinct Chair.  Here is what to know about the Precinct Convention.

13)     Remember the Precinct Convention leads to the County, State and National Conventions. Nevertheless the business of all conventions is pretty much the same.  At all but the Precinct Convention you have experienced fellow politicos to guide you, plus good information and training sessions from such organizations as the Christian Coalition.