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There are two ways to become a Precinct Chair.  You can be appointed or elected.


To be appointed, If you know your Precinct number (on your Voter Registration) you call the Chairman of the Republican Party in your County.  If the number of the Party is not in the Phone Book, call the Board of Elections for your County or Borough and get it.  Ask the Party Chair if there is a vacancy in your Precinct.  If there is no vacancy, obtain the name and Phone of the existing Precinct Chair. Call him or her and invite yourself to be a Block Captain (an informal position that will help you defeat your own Precinct Chair in the next election).


If there is no Precinct Chair, make an appointment with the County Party Chairman and courteously ask to be appointed – BUT also become a Party Member simultaneously.  Build relationships at every turn.  Greet the volunteers and memorize names.  Build influence.  Volunteer for record keeping, Phone Banks, and fund raisers if at all possible.  Involve your wife if she is game.  Your goal is to get on a committee, especially the Nominating Committee where you will have a say in nominating good and Godly men and Women to positions of party responsibility.  At this time you need to know about the three types of Committees: Nominating, Platform and Credentials.  You want to be on these committees if at all possible.


Now for the duties of a Precinct Chair.